Shady 180! Khloe Kardashian Is the Queen of Clapbacks and Shady Tweets: Take a Look

No space for the critics! Since the beginning of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé Kardashian has been referred to as the sister who confronts those who need to be put in their place while also speaking her mind.

The founder of Good American claps back whenever, wherever, whether it’s a response of “taking the high road” or a complete shady moment. An Instagram user wrote, “If insecurity was a person,” in response to the reality star’s April 2021 photo series in a blue scaly bodysuit.

“Child young lady, you need to search in the mirror,” Khloé answered. ” Only insecure individuals harm others. I send you so much love, happiness, and health! I’m sorry that you’re hurting [emoji of a blue heart].

The claws emerged after Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods exchanged kisses in February 2019, while he was still with Khloé. Later, Jordyn spoke extensively about the night the kiss occurred on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk.

“Why, @jordynwoods, are you lying? “At least be HONEST about your story if you’re going to try to save yourself by going public, INSTEAD OF CALLING ME PRIVATELY TO APOLOGIZE FIRST,” the March 2019 tweet read. Additionally, you ARE the reason my family split up!

Khloé later backtracked her analysis, tweeting, “Jordyn isn’t to be faulted for the separation of my loved ones. Tristan was to blame for this.

Fans criticized The Kardashians star for violating social distancing guidelines after she posted pictures at Scott Disick’s birthday party during the height of the COVID pandemic.

All of them are cousins. She responded in the comment section of an Instagram post from May 2021, “So we know how they have been quarantined, and there are less than 10 people with us.” It’s exactly what the governor says is permissible in the state of California.

Yet again another fan asked Khloé for what reason she wants to guard herself to pundits, to which she ringed off, in the remarks segment.

She wrote, “Not even trying to be rude.” I find it revolting when people act as though they know. Naturally, we want to safeguard ourselves. just for the benefit of our angels and our own health. However, I suppose it is human nature.”

Despite fans’ criticisms of her appearance, Khloé has continued to clap back. In the comments section of a single January 2023 post, Instagram users asked her about the work she had done to her face and how she had lost so much weight. She had amazing responses.

Khloé responded to a user who asked her if she missed her “old face” after posting a video of her workout on Instagram. She made reference to the cosmetic surgery and weight loss she has undergone over the years. NO TIME FOR SHAMERS The reality star replied simply, “No,” in typical Khloé fashion.

BEING A HANDS-ON MOM In 2019, Khloé shared a photo of her and True strolling along the beach. In the photo, a critic said that the former KUWTK star was using her daughter as an “accessory.”

“Would you prefer for a parent to not make memories and traditions with their child?” To her credit, Khloé countered in the comments. Would you prefer that someone else watch my child while I carry out these activities on my own? As her mother, we will always celebrate life together. Together for ever, True and I are making magical memories.

Shady 180! Khloe Kardashian Is the Queen of Clapbacks and Shady Tweets: Take a Look

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